You can change the background using a 360-degree image or a 2D image. The background has 3 modes to display: a sphere, a dome, and a 2D background.


Ground (Water, Mirror, Shadow)

Ground Water/Mirror

Preview water and mirror effect:

Enable water/mirror then choose the mode that you want.

In Water mode
  • Normal map is used to create the water wave.
  • Diffuse map is used to create the ground under the water.
  • 📄
    Diffuse map is only visible when the "Reflectance" property is less than 1.
  • Reflect map is used to identify areas with and without water.
In Mirror mode


Edit ground height

To edit the height of the ground (which can be water, mirror or shadow), click “Edit ground height” button. Then a gizmo will appear to edit height.

Ground Shadow


Reflection environment

Reflection environment is used to create reflection by uploading 360 degree image.

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