Resume interrupted process in Viz4D Plugin

Resume interrupted process in Viz4D Plugin

How to resume interrupted process in Viz4D Plugin

What interrupts the process?

The process is interrupted when your 3dsMax instance is closed or for some reason, the process had stopped.

Resume interrupted process

There are 2 cases. To identify the case you encounter, go to your “My project” page on the Viz4D website and check if that scene (the scene has interrupted process) is on the web.

If yes, then follow the instruction of case 2.

If no, then follow case 1.

Case 1: Interrupted before uploading process complete

Because your scene did not finish uploading, no credit was used. Simply re-upload.

Case 2: Interrupted after uploading process complete

In this case, the scene just lacks lightmap. So you need to rebake lightmap.

  • Open file .max with “v4_rebake_” in the name. It was saved in the same directory as your original Max file.
  • Check the imported status. If the status is ❌, click the “Import processed meshes” button to turn the status to “OK”.
  • image
  • When the status is “OK”, click “Rebake all” button to start baking lightmap process.
  • image
  • Once the process is complete, the window below will appear:
  • image

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