Creating reflection

Creating reflection

Using reflection probe to create reflection. The reflection probe is a sphere that captures a 360° image. The captured image is stored as a cubemap, which is used for reflection.
If your scene only has a single object, you can load 360° image to create reflection instead of using reflection probe.

Add a reflection probe

  • Click the “Add new” button to create a probe.
  • The blue box is the projection box of the reflection probe. The image that the reflection probe captured will be used as reflection for all objects in projection box.
  • Use “Position” and “Proj. box size” to adjust the projection box until the faces of the box touch the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. If there are many rooms, then 1 box for each room.

Inner box

There’re some cases that should use the inner box to make the reflection look better and how to create a inner box depend on each case (the inner box is a red box):

When a projection box overlaps with another, seams will appear in the overlap area's reflection. To avoid seams, use inner box.
  • Turn on “Inner box” of 2 overlapping projection boxes.
  • Adjust “Inner offset” and “Inner size” of those inner boxes until they are at least 20cm away from the overlapped area.
The reflection will be wrong when large object blocks the camera’s view.

Example of wrong reflection caused by large object blocking the camera’s view:

Solution: Use two projection boxes with inner boxes instead of one projection box to avoid wrong reflection.

Inner box behavior:
  • When you used inner box, the image that reflection probe captured will be used as reflection for objects in inner box.
  • The reflection of remaining objects is out of inner box and in projection box will blend with surrounding reflection probe (the blending makes the seams disappear).
  • The larger the distance between the faces of the inner box and the projection box, the stronger the blend strength.

Camera offset


Uses of camera offset

Camera offset is used to adjust the position of the camera that captures a 360° panorama (the camera is the sphere).

How to use the camera offset?

Click “Camera offset” button then a gizmo will appear. Use gizmo to move the camera.

When to use the camera offset?

By default, the camera is positioned in the center of the probe. But as for the following case, the center isn’t the ideal position:

  • When there’s an object blocks the camera's view, move the camera away from that object (if using camera offset has no effect, use inner box).
  • To generate proper reflection, the camera should be positioned at eye level.

For reference, see the reflection probe was created in the following scene:

To see how we create reflection probe, hover over the items in the list of reflection probes.

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