Troubleshooting in Viz4D Editor

Troubleshooting in Viz4D Editor

Troubleshooting in Viz4D Editor

About mesh


  • As you are standing far away from an object, you notice the object has something amiss, but when you get closer, the mistake is gone. That means this problem was created by LOD.
  • Solution:
    • Just turn off the “Enable LOD” button to fix it.


  • Mesh occurs problems like being over-optimized or having black spots or stretched UV.
  • Solution:
    • Increasing the quality of the mesh.

Face rendering

  • Your object has flat surface but the reflection is curved.
  • Solution:
    • Set the Faces rendering → Shading to Flat.

Overlapping face

  • Your scene has an overlapping face.
  • Solution:
    • Use the gizmo tool to move it out.

About lightmap (noise, light leaks)

If your lightmap has light leaks, artifacts or noise, you must Rebake lightmap to resolve the problem.

See what light leaks and artifacts look like:

  • The light leaks is the white border at the ceiling, sometimes light leaks make your scene noisy:
  • image
  • Artifacts (noise):

About transparency sorting

Depth index

  • When you look through a transparent object (like glass), if you see another transparent object has disappeared. That is the problem of displaying transparent objects overlapping on another transparent object.
  • Solution:
    • Adjust the parameter “Depth index” of the outer layer higher than the inner layer. The default depth index for all objects is 0.

Alpha cutoff

  • Watch the video below to see the problem of displaying a transparent object overlapping itself. This problem only occurs when the object used an opacity map or transparency map (the object is usually tree or cloth).
  • Solution:
    • Drag the “Alpha cutoff” slider to about 0.5 or higher. If you use alpha cutoff, the texture has no semi-transparent areas. It will be fully transparent or fully opaque.

Transparent curtain

  • Sometimes transparent curtain has transparency sorting problem.
  • Solution:
    • To avoid transparency sorting problem, set Faces rendering → Faces side to Double sided.
    • If using double sided doesn’t work, turn off “Depth write” in the Transparency section.

About material


In Viz4D Editor, we set backface cull as default for optimal performance. So object that have single face like tree, flower need set Faces rendering → Faces side to Double sided.


  • All textures are too dark or too bright. That means gamma is incorrect.
  • Solution:
    • Adjust gamma to 1.0 or 2.2
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