Rebake lightmap

Rebake lightmap

Rebake lightmap

Rebake lightmap is used to change lighting, change lightmap resolution and fix lightmap errors after you upload scene.

Step 1. Open Max file and Viz4D plugin

  • Open file .max with ‘v4_rebake_’ in the name. It was saved in the same directory as your original Max file.
  • At the main menu bar, open the Viz4D menu and click on the “Open Viz4D Plugin” item.
  • image
You can rebake lightmap as many times as you want. It’s free of charge.

Step 2. Check status

Check the imported status. If the status is ❌, click the “Import processed meshes” button to turn the status to “OK”.

The imported status must be “OK” before taking the next steps.

Step 3. There’re 2 uses, choose your uses case and follow the instruction:

Change lightmap setting and change lighting

Choose your use:

Change lightmap setting:

We only allow you to change Lightmap Base Density and Render setting preset. Let’s adjust the parameter to what you want.

Change lighting (can be used to create a new light version for Duplicated scene ):

Set up the light as normal.

Don’t use include/exclude light because we don’t support it.

Fix lightmap error

Sometimes the lightmap error disappears when increasing quality of mesh to Ultra. So try it, if it has no effect then follow the step below.

Choose error you got to see what to do next:

Light leaks


To see what light leaks look like, see the image below (the light leaks is the white border at the ceiling).



To prevent light leaks, create a mesh to wrap all your objects inside (the mesh color is absolute black). In the position have the window, make hole to get light go through. Finally, remember to freeze it.

Black lightmap


Wrong face orientation causes black lightmap. It happens when you forget to solve the incorrect face orientation.


Select the face that has the wrong orientation and flip it.

Note: When lightmap rebaking is done, in Viz4D Editor, you need set Face rendering of object to Double sided.
Lightmap noise or artifact
For noise has black and white color


To see black and white noise look like, watch the video below. These noises appear when the lightmap has too much noise so the denoiser can't remove it all.


Set the “Render setting preset” to higher than now to remove the noise.


If the lightmap still has noise when “Render setting preset” is “Ultra” then you need to set “Render setting preset” to “Keep current”.

“Keep current” means the baking lightmap process will use the current render setting. So you can adjust render setting as you want.

We recommend you adjust the render setting based on our “Ultra” preset. To apply our preset, do this:

For noise has colorful color


To see what colorful noise looks like, watch the video below. These noises are caused by light leaks.


To prevent this kind of noise, create a mesh to wrap all your objects inside (the mesh color is absolute black). In the position have the window, make hole to get light go through. Finally, remember to freeze it.

If your error is not in the above cases, please contact us via

Warning: Don't change the UV of mesh. It’ll cause the error.

Step 4. Rebake lightmap

Must do this if you rebake lightmap for a duplicated scene:
Let’s change the current ID in “Uploaded Scene ID” in Viz4D Plugin:

You need to get the ID of the duplicated scene and then paste that ID into “Uploaded Scene ID”, following the video below.

Then do the next steps as usual.

There are 2 buttons: rebake all and rebake selection. These 2 buttons have the same effect, the only difference is:

Rebake All
will bake all object in your scene
Rebake Selected
will bake the objects that you selected

To save time to bake lightmap, select the objects that need to rebake and then click “Rebake selected” button. If you need to rebake the whole scene, click the “Rebake all” button.

When lightmap rebaking is complete, the below window will appear:


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