Reduce lightmap usage

Reduce lightmap usage

Reducing lightmap usage will help your scene loading faster and low-performance devices (old mobile devices) can view it more easily. Because lightmap is an element that greatly affects the loading time and memory usage.

To reduce lightmap usage, you need to remove unnecessary faces and non-visible faces

  • Please pay close attention here. When removing object, you shouldn’t use delete command because object needs thickness to
    Prevent light leaks
    . So instead of delete command, use the following to keep object's thickness:
    • Select face that you want to remove then click “Detach and freeze” button.
    • image
      “Detach and freeze” button behavior:

      When you click, the button will automatically detach and freeze the face you are selecting. The "See through" mode of mesh will then be automatically enabled to allow seeing through the frozen mesh.

      The frozen object will not appear in final result. So freeze and delete commands are nearly identical. The only difference is that the frozen objects still affect the light.
  • You can remove unnecessary faces and non-visible faces.
    • Unnecessary faces are the outside of wall, ceiling and floor:
    • Non-visible faces are the face inside cabinet, bottom of object and back of the object against the wall.

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